"only the shadow knows/ these footstep years, surprising thought "

only the shadow knows
these footstep years, surprising thought
and loves so deep I keep them close
each day to wander their companionships
of wonder... oh! fly, come fly with me
in an exaltation of larks, and, yes, in a murder
of crows, in the parliament of owls, with
the eloquence of frogs - this poetry
one can't do without - murmuring clouds,
embrace of montains - sunshining streets,
the wariness of skyscrapers - the longing
of steeples - out of this disarray of imagination
are dimmed sparkles where sorrow burns
in its ashes - hot as heaven.
Robin Blaser in "Poesia Contemporânea do Canadá", Antígona, Lisboa, 2010, p 20.
(Nota - Depois da poesia do Canadá de língua francesa, Hélène Dorion, seguem-se dois/três poetas do Canadá de língua inglesa).