" Sonnet (Division) "

fuck! i have two loves too, i really do:
my one is blonde, my other's hair is black,
but neither either vice nor virtue lacks
and each complete to me is fair(e) and true.

i have not held them side to side, nor wished
as with less(er) love(s) to have them: back to back.
if evil choose a place to lay its wrack
it lie(s) with "i": that stenched and (w)retched dish

( i has not seen me as they must) of self,
and if me looks i can but lose. suggest me!
take me! then back to unalike give me:
to husband, wife, then back upon my shelf:

here (this) my wicked rest: i scribes this text.
"i" blithely rhymed: fuck! all... is aural sex.

  Davis, Olena Kalytiak. The Best American Poetry. New York: Scribner Poetry, 2011, p 20.